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What is Freebird?

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Freebird is a first-of-its-kind mobile rebooking tool that empowers travelers to skip the line and instantly book a new ticket – on any airline at no additional cost – in the event of a flight cancellation, four-hour delay, or missed connection.

Freebird provides travelers with instant notifications in the event of a flight disruption, and offers the ability to rebook in less than 30 seconds with only three taps on their mobile device.

The Founders

Team ethan bernstein f3cf32e8669011cf71b0bbc813b30a4de8d0114a81e71124e3a458e87a829152 Ethan Bernstein CEO & Co-founder
Team samuel zimmerman 606cdb73e6cd118209e886682e5b9bb6d350d443e701f03fc53ed321fe63dc96 Samuel Zimmerman CTO & Co-founder
HQ Cambridge, MA


Freebird raised a seed round of $3.5M in November 2015 from investors General Catalyst, Accomplice, and Slow Ventures, as well as strategic angels and investors. Read more about Freebird's seed round...

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