Flight disruptions are bad for business

For Corporations:

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Increases the cost of air travel by 5-15%


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Decreases service quality and agent efficiency

For Travelers:

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Are stressful, unproductive, and frustrating

Freebird helps travelers and travel managers save time and money.
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What we do

Freebird is a simple mobile solution that empowers business travelers to skip the line and instantly book a new ticket after a flight cancellation, significant delay, or missed connection:

  • On ANY airline
  • For FREE
  • With only THREE TAPS on their phone

There’s no app to download — travel managers purchase a subscription via their TMC and apply Freebird automatically to employee trips.

GBTA Corporate Travel Webinar
GBTA Corporate Travel Webinar
Hidden Impact of Flight Disruptions
Tue 2/27 at 2pm EST

Traveler Experience

Book a new ticket with only three taps, in less than 30 seconds.

1: Open Alert
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2: Select Flight
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3: Book Flight
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You're Done!
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No app download required. See for yourself:

Try our rebooking simulation

Partner with Freebird

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Freebird is applied to travelers automatically without relying on employee adoption.
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Freebird partners with your TMC to ensure duty of care and service levels are maintained.
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Freebird can be programmatically applied to specific groups of high-value travelers.
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Cost Savings

Freebird lowers disruption costs by offering predictable pricing based on your needs.
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No Dev Work

Freebird can go-live in less than 30 days with ZERO development work required.
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Ops Efficiency

Freebird reduces impact on call centers and improves client satisfaction during disruptions.
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Supply Economics

Freebird uses your pseudo to purchase last-minute tickets, so you get the supply credit.
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Freebird works with your team to build custom marketing, sales, and analytical materials.
Discovery is piloting Freebird with our key sales teams.
“The ability for our travelers to rebook canceled flights via their phones and reduce the number of missed meetings has the potential to save our company money. I am always looking for new, innovative products like Freebird to improve traveler experience and save Discovery money. Freebird's integration with Casto Travel will allow us to easily add Freebird to our travel program without any changes in policy.”
Discovery ctm 1b7fd0981fcd4cff052b942e01db5a9b09d2aabf95ff2feedfcff3ed45afefc4
Yukari Tortorich
VP of Global Travel Services
Discovery Communications
Freebird recently helped six of our staff and board members get to a critical annual conference during a major storm.
“Without Freebird, these key team members would have been stranded thousands of miles from their destination on the eve of a time sensitive event. Traveler feedback has been tremendously positive across the organization.”
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Alicia Pineda-Mitchell
GTP - Travele Manager
Emergency Nurses Association

What our Travelers are Saying

Unlike the drunk guy in the bar that screams out FREEBIRD the second the band stops playing and is super annoying, this Freebird is the exact opposite and is super helpful in getting you to where you need to go.
Dave Epstein
VP Retail Sales
I've used Freebird multiple times, and every experience has been fantastic. Freebird saved me multiple hours and allowed me to arrive at my destination much earlier than I otherwise would have been.
Phillip Mikula
Director Education Partnerships
Discovery Communications
Freebird not only helped me secure a flight home in time for my son’s football game, but even provided me options after the airline rep told me that I wouldn’t get home until the next morning.
Robert Underwood
Director Professional Development
Discovery Communications
Freebird provided quick options, and rebooked me on alternative itinerary easily. The process was quick, simple, and efficient which took much of the stress away related to flight cancellations.
Keith Perry
Manager of Field Services
New York Air Brake