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Enter your existing flight details
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Step 2: Take Control

If your flight is cancelled,
book a new flight for free.

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What you get:

  • Skip the line, rebook in 30 seconds from your phone.
  • Choose any available flight on any airline.
  • We buy your new ticket; you keep your old ticket.
  • FREE BONUS: We support missed connections and four-hour delays too.

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How it works


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    Get a text when your flight is affected.

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    Pick a new flight via your mobile device.

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    Click 'BOOK FLIGHT'.
    It's that easy.

Book a brand new ticket — in less than 30 seconds — with only 3 taps.

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Skip the line and rebook
in under 30 seconds.


Choose any flight on any airline.
Never standby.


Confirm your new ticket
in just 3 taps.

Free Ticket

No really, we’ve got this!
It's FREE.

No waiting in line.
No terrible call-center hold music or desperate online search.
Just straightforward options, available instantly at your fingertips.

Take Control When it Matters

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Business Meetings

Don't miss your meeting needlessly.
Break free from policy restrictions.

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Special Events

Don't pay out-of-pocket.
Find flights to get there on time.

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Don't let a delay ruin your trip.
Choose what is best for your family.

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The Unexpected

Don't waste hours, rebook in seconds.
Eliminate uncertainty and stress.

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Freebird will pay for your new ticket and won't charge you any fees.
    However, Freebird does not cover fees administered by airlines that aren't included in the published fare — they're confusing to us, too.